About us

The Land of Eternal Romance, Reminiscent Nature and Remarkable Heritage gets a befitting address to carry the mantle of tradition led hospitality.

Welcome to Udaipur’s new magnificent abode. Atulya Niwas is the testimony of culture and heritage led romanticism that makes Udaipur one of the favorite haunts of every discerning traveler. The imperial architecture, serene lakeside surrounds and the quintessential times of pleasant views of mountains, forts and flamingos; it all come together to suitably provide and experience which by all means is unequaled. A city which is a fairytale in itself gets a new saga to recount and a host of never before experiences unfold to create a tale of iconic proportions.

Welcome to Atulya Niwas, an unending series of endearing and simply irresistible experiences are coming alive for you, just immerse yourself with the feeling.

Our Well Appointed Rooms

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